Ionian Dream - My New Discord Server And Some Updates

Discord Mar 30, 2021

After some couple months of inactivity on my website, while I have been playing League of Legends for 10 hours a day, I recently created a new Discord server, that is supposed to be a friendly community for those players who play League of Legends and Call of Duty. Those are my primary games I used to play a lot.

So, since I did give another try to start playing League of Legends it made me really excited and I decided to quit Call of Duty mobile temporarily. But while I was grinding to legendary rank in COD every first week in each season I played while 2020, it became more boring. All those events and a lot of cool stuff was really exciting for me to grind, but I was also tired of that.

When I used to play CODM I was seeking for some competition in that game, I found some Discord servers with begging esports teams and even joined one. Then I left those servers, because maybe I didn't understand that and sometimes it didn't meet my schedule.

Now, after playing League for a couple months I decided to unite some players from various regions, those who are feeling bored playing League alone or just looking for something new with their teammates. So, here I decided to make a server.

My Discord server called Ionian Dream provides everything you may need, also you can suggest adding something new or fixing old stuff whenever you want to. Here I want to build a really great community that welcomes all beginners and gives you good vibes in any region. We use English as primary server language. As we will grow we may need some Moderators, especially with knowledge of other languages, so we'll improve our international community.

If you're from Russia or any other Russian-speaking country, you're welcome to Ionian Dream. I can offer you Russian general chat and of course voice channels.

If you ever heard about then you can join us here as well, but there's no need to use that website yet. As soon as we can solve everything in my Discord server, I probably won't use that website, except you want it.