New League of Legends Champion - Gwen

Gaming Mar 27, 2021
She's not meant to be a living doll. She is a doll that has been transformed into a human, similar to Pinocchio. We had early versions where she was more of a living doll but it felt too similar to Oriana and even more so to Shaco.

Many believed that the next champion to enter the League of Legends fray would be Viego's wife, Isolde, as leaks hinted towards her future involvement on Runeterra.

However that isn’t quite the case, as instead we see Gwen, one of Isolde’s doll-like creations, take to the game instead. Here’s everything I know about the latest champion to join the League of Legends that is going to be 155th champion in the pool.

March 26 we saw an ominous trailer drop from the official League of Legends Twitter, which went on the name this newest champion as Gwen.

Writing that “once upon a time, a talented seamstress made a darling little doll,” we see that very creation be transformed into a fully fledged woman.

First look at Gwen’s abilities

Riot has also revealed an official gameplay trailer for Gwen, showing off the scissor sister in-game. Gwen is set to be an AP top laner.

Her kit seemingly features a dash, some sort of CC-blocking ability, and plenty of damage to slice through enemies.

Riot said Gwen is meant to be more of a tank-buster than a carry-killer

Gwen release date

While there’s no current release date for Gwen officially, but it would make sense if she drops on League patch 11.8. That update is slated for April 14, right 2 weeks after 11.7 drops.