Top 5 Spotify playlists to help you chill out

Music Aug 8, 2020

Relax with chill, acoustic-leaning tracks influenced by a mix of reggae, funk, jazz, folk, rock and hip-hop. These playlists will chill you out real quick the rhythm of these calming and relaxing songs take over and drift you away.

#1 Coffee + Chill

The perfectly brewed cup, the perfect songs to match. Your happy place is right here.

That is my favorite playlist from the entire list. It might contain some songs which are similar to what you can hear in every single playlist that listed below. Give it a try!

#2 Chill Vibes

Just chill...

#3 Lo-Fi Beats

Beats to relax and focus.

#4 Modern Chill Rock

Relax to the sound of modern chill rock.

That is my personal choice to chill, I feel better to listen to such soft acoustic music rather than listening to some beats or heavy drums for many hours. It's a great choice if you are tired of lo-fi beats.

#5 Sweet Soul Chillout

Chill out to the sweetest soul songs.

Honorable mention

Chill instrumental beats with a jazzy edge.

By the way I can also mention that this playlist a little bit underrated, but has over a million likes on Spotify. I like this playlist.

This list is just my recommendations that I can give to explore, you can comment below what is your favorite playlist to let me know your preferences of what you would like to listen and chill on.